Aprende cómo citar fuentes APA correctamente

//Aprende cómo citar fuentes APA correctamente

Aprende cómo citar fuentes APA correctamente

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Aprende cómo citar fuentes APA correctamente
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Do you want to create effective content using articles written by other people but you do not know how to do it without being considered plagiarism? Take note of these writing tips and convert the APA standards into your best allies when writing.

Perhaps it is because of its association with scientific writings or degree papers, or because of its apparent complexity, the fact is that the APA standards (so called because they were created by the American Psychological Association) are for many writers, researchers and students throughout the world. world a headache. However, knowing these standards of writing, especially in terms of the use of sources is treated, is essential because they are the most accepted standards internationally.

We want to help you write effective content, in which you can cite sources without fear of being wrong. Therefore, we have prepared this series of writing tips that will make your work easier. Take note of them and put them into practice the next time you have to use content from another author in your texts.ayudarte a redactar contenido efectivo, en el que puedas citar fuentes sin temor a equivocarte. Por eso, hemos preparado esta serie de tips de redacción que harán tu labor más fácil. Toma nota de ellos y ponlos en práctica la próxima vez que tengas que usar contenido de otro autor en tus textos.

1.  There are different types of sources

You can use to enrich your work such as books, magazines, articles, interviews and web pages, among others. Select those that support your ideas better or help you explain complex concepts.

2.  Remember that you must use the APA standards style

Whenever you are going to quote the work of other people. The proper way to do it is by using the “author, date” method. For example:

  • Walker and Allen (2004) found […]
    •   After a series of comparative studies with students from different universities in the region, it was found that the most efficient method to memorize complex concepts is the chain technique (Walker and Allen, 2014).

3.  Keep in mind that you must use

The APA rules if you are going to paraphrase an idea, that is, if you want to include an idea of someone else but write it in your own words. In this case, you must follow the same format as the textual citations.

4.  Use the bibliography to indicate the precise location

The content within the source publication following this structure: last name of the author followed by the initials of the name, year of publication in parentheses, title of the article or book in cursive, place of publication (city, state, country) followed by a colon , and the name of the publisher. This method will help the reader to easily find that reference in the bibliography and extend the idea of the original author if he so wishes. For example:

  •  Parry, J. (1976). History of the Antilles. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Kapelusz.

5. If you are going to quote the opinion of an interviewee

You must include the initials and the author’s last name, followed by the type of interview (personal, telephone, email, etc.) and the date. For example:

  • Jaime Isaza, rector of the institution, said that virtual education represents important challenges for teachers and, at the same time, growth opportunities for all types of educational institutions. (J. Isaza, telephone interview, October 14, 2016).

6.  When writing an article or any other type of content

You may need to go to web pages. Keep in mind the following tips when you should quote from a web page with APA standards :

  1. Do not use period after the web address (URL).
  2. It is also not necessary to write the name of the database where you found the article.
  3. Include the date in which you consulted the article is not necessary, unless there are changes in its content or in the URL of the web page.

It’s that easy to cite sources using the APA standards! Now you are ready to write effective content with rigorous journalism and, why not, venture into other fields of writing such as research or scientific writing.

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